Culture Flash - Sweet Eggs

I went on a boat trip last week.  The organizers told us breakfast would be provided.  Once I was on the boat I was handed a cold pita out of the package, a room temperature, squishy individual cheese, chili potato chips and a juice box.  A local leaned over and said, “There, now you have had yourself a proper Omani breakfast.” We all laughed and he disappeared.  I’m not sure if was kidding about what Omani’s eat or if he was making fun of the trip organizers.  I don’t know if he was sure either.  I mean, let’s be honest.  I’ve been in a rush before and eaten a banana and a Coke for breakfast.

I digress.  At one of my cooking demonstration trips (I swear I haven’t been to as many as it seems) I saw a new local breakfast that I have to share. 

Grab a pan. Toss in oil. Toss in beaten eggs and scramble them quickly.  When they are about halfway done and still a little sticky dump in a lot of date syrup.  This is super sweet like maple syrup, but a bit stickier.  Finish cooking the eggs. Consume.  I couldn’t taste this because I am allergic to eggs, but I asked a nearby friend to describe it.  She claims it tastes like eating a spoon full of Date Syrup.  If you like your breakfast sweet try it out and let me know your thoughts.