Lean into Love When You Fall Off Track

Falling off track seems to be the theme of the season. Everyone we chat with is disappointed by their focus on self-care, diet or creativity.

It’s striking that across time zones and hemispheres we all seem to see one thing about ourselves more clearly than anything else: failure.

We are guilty of it as well. Often we believe the only thing Conversations Abroad has been good at is falling off track.

About a month ago we were presented with the idea of continuation. Consider the idea of falling off the exercise wagon and agonizing about how difficult it is to start over. What if we viewed it as a continuation of something we already know how to do?

Perhaps starting over is less like a new beginning and more like a continuation on a journey toward good health and a fit body or creative growth or self-care.

It feels a bit cliché to suggest the journey is what matters most. Perhaps that is not entirely the truth. Perhaps what matters most is how we view ourselves and others along the way. Maybe all we need to do is lean in to love, compassion and kindness toward ourselves to gain the strength we need to carry on.

As November welcomes us with open arms, accept the warm embrace. Right your train and proceed at any comfortable pace.

We wish you a safe and peaceful start to a beautiful month.

Lead your life with love,