I Suck At Macro For Now

When Santa delivered a Micro Nikkor 105mm (macro lens) last year, I was disappointed. I had asked for a much simpler lens. While most photographers might be happy with the upgrade, I was disappointed in the weight and the size. I tucked it away and ignored it.

My love of texture, pattern, and culture though has caused it to tug at my mind.

This morning before the dew had evaporated, I was awake exchanging text messages with a fellow photographer from the Pacific Northwest. I mentioned the lens, and she said, “I think you’d really like macro…Some people akin it to meditation.”

I reached for iPad and searched Zino for photography magazines. I flipped the pages of Outdoor Photography’s B&W Special Issue. The first lines I read were, “For those of us who studied photography in the days of film, black-and-white film processing, and printing was the more accessible medium…” I fondly remember hours I spent in the dark room.

As I read the lines, I thought, “The thing I want from Tanzania is time. Time, to explore the things I never allow myself to explore.”

I went to the garden with silver scissors to collect subjects. I sat beside the window and picked up my macro lens for the first time.

This is my first shot, literally. It captured a spider web I hadn’t seen with the naked eye.


First  Macro Shot

Love the spider web!

It was also probably the only shot that went well. I struggled. I suck. But I loved every minute.


These first nine are an exploration in lighting, focal point, and composition.


I handheld these first shots. A macro/micro no-no, but I loved it. I loved the challenge of calming my breathing, my mind, my focus.

On November 1 I asked myself What do I want from my life in Tanzania?

On November 2 I answered, “Wonder. Bewilderment. Fascination. Peace. Beauty.”

On November 3 I wanted encounters with the wildlife, culture, and society that expand my soul and add chapters to my book of experience.

Today, I want time to do all of these things.

What do you wish you had more time for?