Introduction to the Tanzania Files


 "Ants," I muttered to myself.

It was only 6:00 am, I had barely moved from the bed, and I wanted a cup of coffee. I looked into the kitchen sink where I had carefully filled the pots from dinner last night with soap and hot water only to discover that rice had remained on the edges of the pot and ants were everywhere.

It seems no matter how carefully I clean ants invade my space.  

I'm trying to learn to live with the red ants by the back door, the microscopic ants near the front door, the one-inch giant ants that live in a hole in the hallway, but the ants near the sink and counter... I haven't adjusted to them, in fact, I haven't adjusted to much.

When I began writing about Oman, I had already lived there a year and felt I had some unique knowledge to share. This trip is different.

The journey into Tanzania feels like an in-depth exploration of culture, myself and my partner. I haven't adjusted to much because we have only been here a couple of weeks.

I can not talk to you with any authority about what I know because I barely know what to expect each day.

I could wait until I have some specific facts to offer. But I'm a sociologist at heart, an investigator, a researcher. And I thought perhaps you'd rather join in the investigation.

While there are many ways to explore a new culture. Immersion and observation are two of my favorite, despite the difficulties associated with each.

As the Tanzania Files unfold, we'll investigate the culture, the people, the animals, the ants and the best travel tips.

This time around you'll also get a bit of reality that I haven't shared in the past...a window into my true nature and my journey.