Two TED Talks - Stories I loved

I featured a few of my favorite TED Talks last month and love the conversations they start.  Here are a few more.  This month I’m contemplating what it means to be misunderstood.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied: What Does My Headscarf Mean to You?

You can download the audio or video version of this talk, but I recommend that you watch this one.  Hidden in a speech about culture and inequality we also find a migrant success story and inspiration to mentor someone different than ourselves.

Anad Giridharadas: A Tale of Two Americas.  And The Mini-Mart Where They Collided

Anad tells a beautiful story about fighting for a dream.  He highlights the division in the United States between what he calls “the Republic of dreams & the Republic of fears.”  I wonder how much time will pass until we are united again.  I have yet to check out his book, The True American. If you’ve read it I would love to hear your thoughts.