Three TED Talks – Stories I Loved

I’m a bit obsessed with TED Talks these days.  I jump on the treadmill and load one I haven’t heard before.  I inevitably want to note some wisdom for future reference, but don’t have paper in hand on the treadmill.  I save the TED Talk on my Podcast app with good intentions.  By the time I get home I forget.  When my iPhone reached its capacity last week I knew I had too many photos and too many TED Talks.  I felt a bit of panic. What would I do without my favorite TED Talks at hand?  Then I remembered how badly I need space on my phone and decided the best way to celebrate my favorites was to share a few with you. 

Ricardo Semler: How to Run a Company With (almost) No Rules

I started this TED Talk and the narrator said, “…this talk features organizational change maker…”  I heard 'organizational change maker' and thought, oh great, this is going to be boring.  Then Mr. Semler said, “On Mondays & Thursdays I learn how to die.”  I almost tripped on the treadmill.  What did he say?  He did in fact say that.   This is a seriously entertaining view of life and organizational change. Check it out.  It is one of my favorites.

Guy Winch: Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid

Mr. Winch has a unique perspective on self-care suggesting we should practice “emotional hygiene.”  I was shocked when I heard, “loneliness won’t just make you miserable, it will kill you.  I’m not kidding.” Then he stated the statistics to back it up.  Despite this shock his talk is entertaining and intelligent. 

Vincent Cochetel:  I Was Held Hostage for 317 Days.  Here’s What I Thought About…

I can’t listen to this talk on the treadmill.  The story makes me ache. Every time I hear it my eyes well up with tears. I listen to it to remind myself that every effort, even for one life, matters.

Tell me some of your favorites...